406 - Nootka Trail Topographic Hiking Map

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The Nootka Trail is one of the great coastal hikes in British Columbia. It starts at Louie Bay on the north side of the island and ends at historic Yuquot, skirting the magnificent island's incredible outer shoreline. A mix of beach hiking and more challenging rock ridges, it offers the quintessential West Coast experience of wilderness, water, scenery and wildlife. 

Waterproof and tearproof, this is your essential companion when on Nootka Island. It will be with you long after your electronic equipment fails. This is a remote, rarely-visited area steeped in history and visited as often by cougars, bears and wolves as people. 

New: Due to increasing worldwide issues surrounding plastics, Wild Coast Publishing is offering the option of ordering this map free of a plastic sleeve. The plastic sleeve is reusable if you open it using the resealable tab at the bottom (as opposed to ripping it open). The sleeve is also recyclable, but given the current difficulties with plastics overall, we urge you to order your map free of exterior plastic wrapping.

About the Topographic Hiking Map series: Wild Coast Publishing will be picking out the best hiking locations in British Columbia and designing the perfect topographic mapsheets to make your adventure travel-free. Follow the growing list of offerings here

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