401 - Forbidden Plateau / Strathcona Provincial Park Topographic Trail Map

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Map #1 of the five-map Strathcona Provincial Park map series, this map puts the eastern extent of Strathcona Provincial Park front and centre. Use it for exploring Forbidden Plateau, Paradise Meadows, Comox Glacier, Mount Albert Edwards and the overland routes to Buttle Lake. In addition, it details regional highlights around Comox Lake and many of the nearby watering holes. Use it to visualize the easy, established routes near Mount Washington, or discover the magic of the Kookjai Trail and other lesser known routes that connect the ridges and peaks throughout the region.

Adjacent maps in the series will complete overland routes through Flower Ridge and Bedwell Lakes to Della Falls.

Waterproof and tearproof, this is your essential companion when in the backwoods of Vancouver Island. It will be with you long after your electronic equipment fails. Strathcona Provincial Park is the oldest provincial park in British Columbia. Located almost in the centre of Vancouver Island, Strathcona park is a rugged mountain wilderness region comprising more than 250,000 hectares in a spectacular mixture of lakes, mountains, forests, cliffs, alpine terrain and an incredible range of wildlife. 

Other maps in this series:

  • #202 South Strathcona / Della Falls
  • #203 Central Strathcona / Golden Hinde
  • #404 North Strathcona / Elk River
  • #405 West Stratchona / Megin Talbot sddition

Important information: Production of this mapsheet series is in progress. Advance orders are being taken. Delivery is expected no later than March 2019.