603 Strathcona Provincial Park Mapsheet Bundle

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This package assembles all three Strathcona Provincial Park hiking/trail topographic mapsheets into one bundle. Included are:

#401 Forbidden Plateau: This mapsheet covers Forbidden Plateau, Paradise Meadows, Comox Glacier, Mount Albert Edwards and the overland routes to Buttle Lake. 

#402 South Strathcona: This mapsheet covers Della Falls, the tallest waterfall in Canada, as well as Bedwell Lakes Trail and the extension to Clayoquot Sound, the Bedwell Centennial Trail. Use it to visualize the easy, established routes near south Buttle Lake, or discover the magic of places like Cream Lake and Love Lake deep in the mountainous southern Strathcona peaks.

#403 Central Strathcona: This mapsheet coversPhillips Ridge, Elk River, Marble Meadows and routes throughout the region including the three approaches to the Golden Hinde, Vancouver Island's tallest peak. 

The series is designed to work together with overlaps to ensure a beneficial regional perspective from all three maps and no chance of having to walk the line between two mapsheet edges. 

New: Due to increasing worldwide issues surrounding plastics, Wild Coast Publishing is offering the option of ordering this map free of a plastic sleeve. The plastic sleeve is reusable if you open it using the resealable tab at the bottom (as opposed to ripping it open). The sleeve is also recyclable, but given the current difficulties with plastics overall, we urge you to order your map free of exterior plastic wrapping.